Publishing Data

The Research Workspace (RW) is a gateway to make data available publicly through data portals and national data repositories. The tools to make your data publicly-accessible are integrated directly into the RW, though they may vary by campaign and organization. For questions about how to publish your data, we recommend contacting us directly at, or speaking with your program coordinator about which features are enabled for your project(s).


Before publishing your data, be sure your project is organized with consistent naming conventions and thorough documentation. For more information on preparing your project for publication, please see Axiom Data Science’s Best Practices for Data Management.

Publish Data to a Portal

Depending on your campaign and organization affiliations, you may be able to publish data from your project directly to a public-facing data portal. An example of a data portal is the Alaska Ocean Observing System’s Gulf of Alaska data portal, which has a search catalog providing access and download for project data and metadata.

If your project has this feature enabled, follow these steps to publish your data:

  1. In the files view for your project, right-click on the folder containing the contents you want to publish.
  2. Select Publish.
  3. The folder will become illuminated with a green checkmark indicating the contents have been successfully published.


The entire contents of that folder and any subfolder therein will be displayed in the catalog of the data portal, where public users can view and download the data and associated metadata.

Add Data to a National Archive

The RW also features an integrated pathway to submit final datasets and metadata from your project to national data repositories for long-term preservation. At this time, only data from certain campaigns or organizations can be sent to a repository. If you have questions about these data archive capabilities, contact us for more information.